Realistic Job Preview

Welcome to Kingsbury, Inc.

Kingsbury’s products boast more than a century of excellence in the design, manufacture, and aftermarket support of fluid-film and rolling-element bearings for a wide variety of essential industrial rotating machinery applications. Kingsbury bearings are at the heart of hundreds of thousands of machines in the power generation, defense, and other heavy industrial industries.  Our bearings are installed at Hoover Dam, on the US Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, and inside giant tunnel boring and mining equipment.

We strive to make Kingsbury a great place to work, including a safe and positive work environment, good benefits for employees and their families, and personal development opportunities.

Kingsbury, Inc.

What to expect in the Work Environment

In this section you’ll learn about the work environment here at Kingsbury.  To share the “Kingsbury Story,” we’ve asked a few members of our Team to tell you a little about our work environment. Our hope is that in hearing their stories you can begin to understand who we are and what it might be like to be a part of the Kingsbury Team.  Select “play” on each video below.

Get to know Kingsbury, Inc.

What is a Realistic Job Preview?

The realistic job preview (RJP) is a tool in Kingsbury’s talent acquisition and retention model that helps communicate expectations and company culture to prospective applications to better determine the fit between the candidate and the job.  

  • Understanding prerequisites and work environment
  • Communicating compensation and benefits
  • Sharing honest employee interviews